Sunday, April 05, 2009

web.config in IIS 7.0

IIS 7.0 treats Web Application differently from how IIS 6.0 treats Virtual Directory connected to Application pool.
The difference is in how web.config properties are inherited from parent application.
If Virtual Directory in IIS 6.0 is physically located outside of parent web application, then web.config properties are not inherited. Even if logically Virtual Directory is inside parent web application.
So, even if from end user URL looks like this: -- virtualdirectory web app does not inherit web.config properties from

IIS 7.0 is smarter than IIS 6.0.
Even if and virtualdirectory from above example are mapped to different physical folders like this: -- c:\parentwebapp -- c:\virtualdirectory

IIS 7.0 still recognizes that inherits all web.config settings from

Such inheritance sometimes causes undesired effects.
For example, if you added HttpModules to parent web app code, but didn't add them to child virtual directory, you may end up with "Could not load type ..." run-time error.

In order to get rid of this error you need from inherited settings.
You can do it like this:

<remove name="DenyIpAddressModule"/>
<pages theme="">
<remove name="DenyIpAddressModule" />

Note, that in this example I remove "DenyIpAddressModule" twice.
The reason for that is that I added "DenyIpAddressModule" module to parent web.config twice: once as regular httpmodule, and another time as integrated pipeline module.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Google Maps API team joke

Google Maps API rolled out unpleasant joke on April 1st day.
Google Maps javascript stopped working today.

There is a quick fix available: switching back to older, more carefully tested version.
(from "v=2.x" to "v=2").

There is a good lesson here: don't use the latest "bleeding edge" version of the code in production environment. Even if it comes from Google.

Technical details are here:


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