Saturday, January 23, 2010

ASP.NET: MVC Framework vs Web Forms Framework

It looks like "MVC vs Web Forms" debate heats up.

Here's my take on it:
1) Last time I checked, MVC required 50+% overhead (relative to Web Forms) in terms of the amount of code required to implement the same functionality.
Was that fundamental problem fixed yet?

Let's consider an example of business requirements:
Create a page that allows user enter text, click "Save" button, and then call existing business layer method BusinessLayer.Save().
With Web Forms approach it would take:
- 1 line of ASPX code for textbox
- 1 line of ASPX code for Save button (including Save_Click() call).
- 3 lines of code-behind:
void Save_Click() {
Total: 5 lines of code.

How many lines of code that task would get in MVC?

2) Now about why it's important to minimize number of lines of code:
Lines of code is the best available metric of project complexity.
Yes I know that different lines have different complexity attached to it, but by default I assume that complexity of Web Forms’ line is about the same as complexity of MVC's line of code.

3) Many developers say that it's good to know MVC even if you don't use it (just to be familiar with available options to be ready to jump on it).
I agree. Sort of.
The trick is to know what to learn. There are so many technologies out there so it's not possible to learn them all.
How do I know that MVC would have good return on my time invested?
I don't know it yet. Many developers are passionate about MVC, but relying just on buzz around new technology methodology is too risky: for example, RUP (Rational Unified Process) is nowhere now after all that buzz 10 years ago. Learning it (aside of the most basic concepts) would be mostly waste of time.
And lines of code overhead really kills my enthusiasm about MVC.

I'm open to change my mind though. Especially considering that MVC is getting more mature every year.

See also: Scott Guthrie chimed in with great "About Technical Debate" post and even better follow up comments about advantages of Web Forms vs Advantages of MVC Framework



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