Thursday, August 17, 2006

VSS 2005 over Internet and VS.NET 2005 over HTTP

Ufff... that was a challenge: I tried to setup VSS database on Internet server and connect my machine over Internet.

The mistake was to try to connect from my DEV machine to //Server/VSS share directly.
Such solution doesn't fly: it's painfully slow and insecure.

Right approach is to properly setup VSS over HTTP.

Start with Alin Constantin's article:
Installing and configuring Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for Internet (Remote) access

But Alin's article There are still few tricks.
For example, my server (which I use for hostin VSS database) has multiple web sites (and multiple IP-addresses) associated with the server, so as a result I had to manually create VssUpload_db1 and VssDownload_db1 virtual folders.
(VSS admin creates these folder in Default web site, which doesn't work in my "multiple web sites" case.)
There was a failure uploading the URL topic.

Another problem was about language mismatch between client and server VSS on different machines.
I was getting error: "The current source control operation cannot be completed.

The Visual SourceSafe Web Service returned the following error:
"The SourceSafe Web service was unable to process your request.
The selected language for non-Unicode programs in your computer does not match the one selected on the server."

This problem was discussed here:
Visual Studio Source Control and SourceSafe - selected language for non-Unicode programs
In my case I had to setup English as default language on my DEV (VSS client) machine. That's not good, but at least it works.

Unfortunately "View History" functionality doesn't work in VS.NET with Internet plug-in

VSS 2005 over HTTP
VS.NET 2005
Visual Source Safe 2005
Visual Studio .NET 2005

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