Saturday, August 26, 2006

CSAML: C# Application Markup Language

Enjoy this comparison of C# and XML as a programming language
C# Application Markup Language (CSAML): An Evolutionary Leap by Charles Petzold
Several weeks ago, Microsoft Corporation began a limited circulation of a specification and beta compiler for the new C# Application Markup Language or CSAML (sometimes pronounced "scammel"), and I’m pleased to say I find it fascinating. This merging of C# and XML is an important evolutionary leap for both standards, and represents a profound advance in the Xmlization of all textual data.


Microsoft C# XML joke parody
XML as Declarative programming language


Anonymous said...

LOL.. funny. But it would have been funnier if you didn't have "joke parody" in the body, and let users figure out the joke sarcasm on their own. I'll forward this to a couple co-workers and tell them to learn CSAML ASAP... it's the next hottest buzzword next to AJAX

Dennis Gorelik said...

Keywords are for search crawler, of course:
I spend half an hour trying to find this link to CSAML article (I've read it couple of months before), so I wanted to make the search easier for the next guy :-)

Besides, some developers can easily perceive CSAML as a serious language. I don't want to be responsible for the misleading :-)


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